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About Us

Marine Part Finder Solution

Established in South Florida // 2023

cropped newlogoFBPsmall About Us

Innovation In The Marine Industry

Fast Boat Parts started with the desire to see the marine industry grow through innovation using the latest technology available and providing the best online part search & find experience anywhere.  Fast Boat Parts is built on the single foundation that we want to be the absolute best in our space and provide our customers with whatever tools they need to source marine equipment & boat parts.  We’re based out of Miami, FL and became an LLC in 2023.

Core Values & Mission

Made In America

We are proud Americans who love the United States period.  We don’t outsource to other countries to save money, this website was made in America. We believe in helping our own communities with opportunity and you won’t ever get a customer service rep in another country to take your call. We hire American vendors only.

Technology & Innovation

Everything we do is driven by the desire to add a new quality element into the marine industry driven by technology such as Marine AI, an innovative approach to the OpenAI tools by fine-tuning & training our model to reflect the entire parts catalog of our store as well as general marine information.

Philanthropy & Charity

We can do good while achieving all our goals.  At the center of our ethics is the desire to use our gain to help those who are less fortunate.  We have decided to contribute 2% of all our online store profits to the Annual Boating & Beach Bash For People With Disabilities held in Boca Raton.  This is an exceptional time where those who typically do not have access to the boating world can get a taste of this life.  As we also have family with disabilities it is a as much personal as is virtue driven.