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Future of boat parts industry & AI

Future of boat part industry

Technology is quickly changing our modern life & world. Every industry and facet of life is starting to be transformed by the introduction of artificial intelligence and large language learning models (LLMs), mostly made popular by OpenAI. 

How will these changes impact the marine industry as a whole and more specifically the boat parts vertical? On a larger scale the marine industry will likely be greatly improved with the capabilities of AI, especially on the larger scale models which can help shipping tankers and large vessels predict weather changes and calculate best routes.  This might also include advances in onboard technologies like navigation systems, switches, fishfinders and radars

However when it comes to the marine parts and equipment purchasing experience we believe that the changes coming with AI will make a boaters life even better. As you may have noticed on our site we already have integration with chatGPT and you can begin using our tool to speak with your very own sales assistant. Our bot will help you find the part you are looking for or answer more generalized questions about your parts or boat. 

Future of boat part industry
As this progress continues it will very likely mean that one day you will engage largely with a chat box or text prompt that will be able to not only find your parts but also process the entire buying experience. Meaning you can instruct it to “add to cart” or “buy with amazon”. We’re excited about these capabilities as they will greatly streamline the time it takes to source the correct parts. This means that you will be able to cross-reference actual MPNs & SKUs against manuals as if you were speaking with a dealer or brand representative on the phone during your buying experience. Since a lot of the buying & retailing has shifted to the online world, this progress into a largely online buying world with the help of technology will likely be the way of the future for more online shopping experiences. Our aim is to be the first and the best at delivering solutions to streamline your experience from end to end. We’re making a big push into AI and we hope this helps you in the end. Happy Boating!